I just received the LSAC/AACRAO Evalution of my transcripts and there is an error regarding one of my degree.

One summer between two years of my bachelor (equivalent, I’m not from the US) I attended a Summer School in my country conducted by an US Law School. This wasn’t a requirement of my University and I didn’t receive any credit or anything for my bachelor by attending the program. However I have received credits from this US University they just didn’t count for any degree I obtained.

However, LSAC/AACRAO apparently undestood this as a Exchange program that I did in the US for my bachelor.

It is clear in my application forms, transcripts, resume and Personal Statements that this was a Summer School and didn’t count for my degree.

So, what are your thoughts? Should I try to correct it by writing to LSAC? Do I have a chance to see my evaluation corrected? If my evaluation stays as it is (whether because I didn’t succeed or didn’t try to correct it), could this hurt me in any way?

[Edited by Libora on Jan 14, 2019]