Hi everyone,

I obtained a dual degree (LL.B. from an Egyptian university and Master 1 from Paris 1 university) in 2010. Problem is, I studied at a special institution administratively supervised by the Egyptian university in spite of being affiliated with the Paris 1 university. Now, the transcripts issued by said institution bear the names of the institution AND Cairo university, and whilst they make a reference to the fact that I obtained a Master 1 from Paris 1, do not clearly specify which grades correspond to the Master 1 (on the Paris 1 university website it shows that the fourth year of study for the LL.B. corresponds to the Master 1 study year; hence, the Master 1 grades should be those of the fourth LL.B. year).

The LSAC has now suspended the AACRAO verification of my transcript (which was issued by the above institution within the Egyptian university in the above form) and say that they require a transcript and graduation certificate sent by Paris 1 university (whose website clearly states that it is the graduation institution that issues transcripts, and the institution from which I graduated does not issue transcripts in any form other than the above stated!). My situation is made even more complicated by the fact that I am residing in a country other than France and Egypt, and with the pandemic going on and potential loss of employment, I can't take a leave to go to Egypt to discuss what needs to be done with my graduation institution.

I have explained to the LSAC the particularity of my situation and asked them to, if necessary, skip the Master 1 degree evaluation and just focus on the LL.B., but I am doubtful they will accept since their website states that applicants must submit all post-secondary certificates... I know it's a very long shot, but has anyone been in a similar situation? Or does anyone have helpful suggestions that I could consider to resolve this hurdle? The deadlines are fast approaching and I am running out of time to waste on the LSAC.

Apologies if TLTR. Thanks in advance for helpful commenters. Stay safe and healthy.

[Edited by Azmi Hussein on Oct 08, 2020]