Hello everyone!

My situation is the following:

I'm a 31 year old chilean lawyer. I graduated with honours from the University of Chile, the best law school in my country (or at least one of the top 2, law schools). The thing is, regardless of the honours, I don't have the best academic records. I graduated right in the 50% of my class and had a GPA of 2.95 (5.3 out of 7.0).

During my studies, I had some academic activities: teaching assitant to an International Taxation class and Co-editor of a Tax Law Journal.

Also, during my studies, I worked as a Paralegal in 3 of the largest and most important Law Firms in my country.

Now that I graduated (1 year), I work as a corporate lawyer at the Chilean Chamber of Construction, the largest trade association in Chile, focused in the construction and infrastrcuture market.

With all this in mind, I wanted to know my chances of getting in a good Law School in the U.S. I know that Harvard, Yale and Stanford are out of the question, but what about:

1. Columbia.
2. NYU.
3. Chicago.
4. Berkeley.
5. UPenn.
6. Georgetown.
7. UCLA.
8. Cornell.
9. Virginia.
10. Michigan.

What are my chances of getting accepted in this schools? And, what can I do to increase my chances to get accepted? What if I get a Masters degree in Chile or a Postgraduate Diploma?

Thanks a lot in advance!