Is there anyone know about "ricey"? (His last online on this board was on 08 Dec 2010 and I sent him a PM but he has never answered me, so far)

Regarding his blog Law according to Harvard &

(Topic : BAD GRADES) from

I see that he is in the mere top 20% of his class but still got into HLS bec. HLS didn't look only GPA as the end-all, be-all factors but other factors like clerkship social work extracurricular activities are also play a role in its admissions process,

so, I would like to ask him about his credential?

His great generosity and helpful suggestion will be very much appreciated bec. I am in same situation as him and have absolutely no idea what I should do.

(Admittedly, I think my GPA is not that high, only 3.38 out of 4.0 (2nd Class Honor , but as the best law school in my country, my law school use even higher standard than all others, so my GPA would be 3.5+ (equal to 1st Honor)) and the TOEFL score was very poor (PBT 603 + TWE 4.0 only))

I really need his sage advice about doing LL.M. in USA(or Europe, as my plan after I finish my first LL.M.) and pursuing legal academia professional in the near future.

So, if anyone knows about how to contact "ricey", then please kindly let me know and you will have my forever gratitude.

Sincerely yours,