I took the test in September '19 for the third time and I got 106 with 28 in both reading and writing and 27 in listening, but a speaking score of 23. However, I applied to the Harvard LLM 2020-2021 (I got a honor's degree, have been professor and written papers in English, hope to practice in my non-English speaking country when finish the LLM, etc.). I took the test again in December '19, but I got the same 23 score in the speaking section, also I did not request ETS to send this new report to HLS.

I cannot afford paying for another test, even though decisions will be released in March; also, preparing the test for a fifth time will be exhausting. So, has anyone ever been admitted to the Harvard LLM with a TOEFL IBT score above 100, but 23 in the speaking section? Would it be helpful emailing to the graduate office explaining that I will not provide the December test because I got the same 23 score in the speaking section?

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