Hello guys,

I am curious to hear your thoughts as to my chances to be admitted to LLM in top 20 US schools. Am currently on a gap year preparing for the NY Bar Exam and working as a legal trainee.

My background:
- completed LLB in the UK with 3.46 GPA
- a lot of work experience, including legal internship with a top international law firm, Supreme Court clerkship, legal traineeship, pro bono work, 3 legal internships in Europe with law firms and in-house teams
- Vice President of a university club
- charitable work (dog shelters and orphanages), managing some fundraising campaigns
- mentor of the 1st year law students
- extra-curricular: yoga instructor, won national Spanish language competition, finished music school with a Diploma of Honour, won district and regional tennis championships
- speak fluently 4 languages
Obviously am not intending to apply to Harvard, Stanford and Yale , but am highly interested in Virginia, Georgetown, UCLA, NYU, Berkeley etc.

Please feel free to share what you think about my chances ;)

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