As similar questions came up from colleagues with common law backgrounds but with foreign citizenships, I am curious what the users here think about my situation:

I'm a dual citizen (Austria/USA) and finishing up law school in Austria, hopefully coming winter with an equivalent to an american JD, although our graduate degree in law is a master. Obviously my training is, to phrase it mildly, very civil law oriented. Completed a commercial arbitration academy once, which sparked my curiosity about this field of law and procedural rules in common law jurisdiction.

At this point i an wondering if, with my background (foreign trained but motivated to obtain an LLM and take the NY bar), there are realistic chances for me on the job market on the east coast, preferably NYC?

Citizenship and language barrier aren't an issue. Of course, besides my legal training, i'm fluent in english, german and my french is pretty strong too, unfortunately no spanish though.

Thankful for any thoughts an input

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