I am from Australia. I am thinking of applying for Harvard LLM in the future.

I have a mediocre LLB from a Group of 8 University (especially first two years due to some personal issues), but in my last two years I am consistently getting very high grades (high distinctions), especially in subjects which I intend to specialise. But because of mark averaging I end up with a credit average overall (probably top 30-40% of the graduating class).

I continued with an LLM in the field I intend to specialise, and ended up getting high distinction, and completed a thesis, also at high distinction level.

I am now working as a lawyer for the government, hopefully by the time I apply I'd have 1.5-2 years experience.

I have very specific reasons to apply to Harvard (wanting to learn from academics with very specific expertise), so if I don't get into Harvard, I wouldn't go to the US at all.

Should I even bother trying?

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