*Is there anyone on this forum who doesn't have an undergrad in law but is considering an LLM? Or knows of a career path which would be furthered by completing the LLM, without a Law undergrad?*

I've just recently finished my undergraduate degree in philosophy and decided two weeks ago to apply for a Law LLM (general) Masters program. My application was quite impromptu but after reading the masters description for the modules I was very interested. I have since been accepted onto the course but am now wondering whether completing this masters is the right thing to do. I'm not sure what career path I would like to take, but law has always interested me. Philosophy doesn't offer any strict career path either but I completed the degree because I enjoyed studying/the content-but I'm wondering now whether an interest in a subject is enough, as I should really be thinking about long term career goals at this point.

I would be likely take modules that center around human rights/international criminal justice, etc.

Any advice would be helpful :) #quarterlifecrises

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