This has probably been posted a thousand times, but I need advice from you guys.

I had a catastrophic first year (2.33 GPA ) an average second year (3.0 GPA ) and an excellent last year ( above 4.0 GPA ). My first years were complicated because of my housing situation at the time. I am at a top 5 law school in France.

I played college football in America between my first and second year of law school ( before COVID-19 ) and I speak 3 languages.

I have no work experience except 2 short internships. I play rugby at a good level in France. I have a good TOEFL and GMAT score. Also, I have a university diploma of common law.

Is my GPA going to kill my chances to join top LLM ( KCL, ILF, UvA, Florida Levin, Chicago etc ).

What advice do you have regarding my situation ?

Thanks a lot if you took the time to read me and congratulations to all the one who got admitted to their dream program.

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