Hi There!  I'm looking to apply for the fall of 2024 and am looking for some guidance from admitted students to either Columbia/ NYU/Cornell or UPenn

I would like some advice as to my chances of getting into NYU, Columbia, UPenn and Cornell. 

I have a 6.8 GPA out of 10 ( my CGPA tanked due to health reasons over the pandemic. GPA for my last three semesters however has been at 8+ and has only been an upward trend)

I have no work experience as I'm a final year law student but over the course of my 5 years, I've done about 17 internships ranging from MNCs such working with the legal department of Pfizer to also working at top law firms in India and also tech startups and have also worked as an RA to professors. 
I have 7 publications to my name and a decent record with extra curriculars ( single credit courses, working as a committee member within the university, Model UN)
I got stellar grades in my 10th and 12th grade examinations. 
I will also be securing a letter of recommendation from an esteemed judge of the Supreme court of India along with one from a course faculty. 
Keeping in mind all this, what would be my chances. I would be grateful if anyone could provide any advice/ insight/ tips that can help me through my applications.
Thank you!