I am a former student of LIPIT program and also a professional in the IP field for over 5 years. I enjoyed this program and updated my skills during the studying process, so I would like to give some review & tips and hope to be helpful.

Firstly, friendly curriculum. The courses of IP law are offered on the fundamentals and the advanced levels. Under the basic requirement, you could choose to attend all the lectures as you like. Both beginner and sophisticated professionals will find his/her suitable position, and it is very important to make a personal plan.

Secondly, various lectures and academic activities. Besides the legal theoretical courses, there are many different lectures on practical skills and professional experiences in different businesses. This is my favourite part and benefited a lot.

Every month, many various academic forums and activities were held inside the Göttingen University, not only in the legal department but also in many other departments as well. The information flyers can be easily found on the billboard, the website of the university and Facebook, etc. If you have good German language skills, you will be enjoyed very well. But there are also many English activities, especially welcome international students.

In addition, you could learn the German language for free in the University language
centre, which is also very popular. You need to register the course as early as possible.

The program office also recommended some international conferences, of course, it is not mandatory and some are not free. If many colleagues are interested in, there may be a very good discount for the student group.

Thirdly, open mindset and flexibility. As the GDPR and data protection are highlighted in recent years and bringing the attractive professional chances, the program indeed introduced many lectures emphases on these fields. I think this is a favourable aspect because it helps to extend my career prospects from IP area onto the IT/data protection field and I could have more possibilities and choices in the future in this digital age.

Fourthly, nice colleagues and great networks. As the intensive competition of the application, our colleagues are also excellent members from related fields. Some of them already worked at the national IP office or international companies. It will be a great opportunity to build connections and share the experience. The program office also held many interesting group events, such as Hiking-weekend, Christmas Market Party, etc.

Regarding the program office, they are very nice and supportive. It is easier to understand that international students usually need more help and guidance than local students, especially in non-English speaking countries, and it also means their work is not easy. They indeed tried their best to keep every student on the track and enjoy their studying, from the enrol registration, time schedule, lectures coordinate, examination arrangement, course evaluation, Internship suggestion, thesis guidance and submission until the issuance of the final certificate. Even some personal problems of the students, they also tried to provide as much help as possible with a lot of patience.

Yes, it is a bit pity that there is no German student in my class as well. It may be because, for German students, it will be more comfortable to study in their own language. However, you still have many opportunities to meet German friends in various activities. Also, there were several students from other programs attend our IP course as the auditors. I think it can be a good proof of the quality of the lectures.

Finally, Göttingen is a peaceful academic city. The university is the centre of this city. The departments, libraries and museums of the university are located in every corner. Also, there are so many international students in this prestigious university, you won’t feel lonely at all. Although it is not as bustling as the big city, it has the good and convenient study and sports facilities, the city around by the scenic hiking routes and forest, and the cost of living is reasonable.

I enjoyed my experience there and hope you will too.