hey everyone!

I'm interested in studying tax law in Europe, my main options are Sweden ( either uppsala or lund), Vienna and Edinburgh. I'm EU citizen, but I'm studying in Bosnia and Herzegowina in Sarajevo. I'd appreciate if someone could answer me a few questions:

1.) Do I need any kind of work experience in this area? I'm currently undergraduate, with 0 work experience. Should I first pass the exam to get in the bar and work a bit, or is it okey to apply? I got some practise in law firms, but mostly in other areas of law.

2.) How good my grades should be? My average grade is a bit higher than 9, where 10 is the highest. This my main worry, I'd really want to hear from someone how important grades are.

3.) Some of my articles and term papers were published, and one of them is about VAT, while other one is about EU environmental tax reform. Can this help me or is it better to focus on practise and work?

Thank you.