Hello guys!

I am in a big dilemma. I was admitted to both llms in Leiden and I really find it hard to choose between the both. Especially when it comes to career opportunities. It would be really helpful to give me more insight to the career options that one has after the completion of the masters.

I know that Digital technologies apply to almost every law firm (especially now with the GDPR chaos), that means that companies in the area of Air and Space Law would also make good use of lawyer in that field. BUT I have the feeling that the program aims to a more theoretical approach than a practical one. It also does not offer an internship like the Air and Space Law program.

On the other hand the Air and Space Law program, it is older and known like McGill, but it definitely limits the field of practicing law. I wonder, besides the internship, if at the end of the day is way more difficult to find a job after having finished this LLM.

Thank you guys in advance for your -potential- replies