Hi everyone, I wish you all a Happy new year. I am currently searching for doing either a second L.LM (not too realistic, to be honest) or a short law course just to boost my legal skills. I was thinking about doing an LL.M especially in Energy Law, but I am afraid that it will be too much of a committment for me and I am not in the mood to abstain from work for a whole year. Anyway, I am now more focused on finding short law courses in Europe (no distance-learning ones) that are of a 2-3 months duration ideally. My first LL.M was commercial and corporate law, so I do not want to change field except for energy law or telecommunications law/info technology. Does any of you have anything to suggest? A program or a website perhaps to look? Searching for masters is easy (so to speak) and I've done this before, but short courses? Any idea?

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