I understand, that California bar has an option to pass the bar without US education.
One of the requirements for CA bar exam:
- meet the requirements of these rules regarding education or admission as an attorney in another jurisdiction, determination of moral character, and examinations;

An “attorney applicant” is an applicant who is or has been admitted as an attorney to the practice of law in any jurisdiction.

I have my first education in Russia. After graduation from law school I can practice law, even represent clients in court in civil cases. Also, it’s possible to become an attorney by passing the bar examination in Russia. This option provide an opportunity to represent clients in criminal court.

So in my status I can practice law and even represent clients in civil cases, except of criminal cases.

How do you think, am I need to pass a bar examination in Russia for passing the California bar? Or it’s enough for me just have my education, which allowing me to practice law in Russia?