Although this forum is essentially devoted to information about LL.M studies, I am hoping that there are people out there who could throw in some light on my concern about which university in Australia is the best for PhD in maritime/admiralty law. University of Wollongong in NSW and the University of Tasmania in Hobart have Australian National Centre for Ocean Resources and Security and the Australian Maritime College respectively, but they are neither highly regarded globally in general law school ranking nor are they among the best 8 or the first 11 so to speak in Australia. Further, even though the University of Queensland School of Law has the Marine and Shipping Law Unit, it is below both the University of Sydney and University of Melbourne (in global and Australian ranking) each of which has at least a Prof with a research interest in admiralty law. In the light of the above, which school would you apply to if you were me? Also, between Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, which has the best maritime law job prospects? Thanks in advance for your replies.

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