I was born in Australia and therefore have right to work there however, I live in the UK and it was just practical to do my Uni here despite considering to do Uni in Australia. After I graduate I plan on moving to Perth (WA) and I am unsure of the process of degree conversion other than the fact that I get my degree assessed by the board and get told what units I need to take at an Australian university. Then I also know I would have to take the PLT

After doing some research, I have found that single unit study doesn't actually get cover from the government student loan schemes so I was thinking about possibly enrolling in a JD programme as I would have financial cover for the most part. Would this work with advanced standing? Could I, for the most part, receive credit for a few modules? So instead of maybe doing 3 years in Uni again, I could cut that down to 2?

I wouldn't mind doing maybe 2 extra years in Uni as I do enjoy the academic life despite the stress. Would anybody be able to help me and inform me on what I would be looking at options wise?